About FCI SAS + Commercial Partners

Take advantage of rapid ingredient development and manufacturing.


HACCP and ISO 90001 Certified

Our company has been serving this industry for more than 40 years. FCI is ISO 90001 certified since 2009 and successfully passed HACCP audit in Q1 2017.


You may consult our quality documents as you please:


HACCP Attestation

ISO 9001 Certificate

Market Experience, Superior Service

Our team is composed of motivated professionals with great experience in the flavours and fragrances market. Our company has been serving this industry for more than 40 years and is ISO 9001 certified since 2009 . Whatever your question on flavour and fragrance ingredients: commercial, technical or regulatory – we will answer it very quickly.

Strong partners in Europe and Japan

FCI SAS works closely with commercial partners to provide you with the best service.

Wambesco Rohstoffhandel

Germany, Austria, Baltic States, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia

Dirk Hoffmann

Wambesco Rohstoffhandel

Zum Lith 75

D-47055 Duisburg

Tel: +49 (0)203-93 560 599

Fax: +49 (0)203-93 563 783

E-Mail: info@wambesco.de

Kaiho & Co., Ltd.


Kaiho & Co., Ltd.

1-11, 3-Chome, Kitahama, Chuo-Ku, Osaka, Japan 541-0041

Eiko Kaiho, Sales Manager




via Padulli 11 20147 MILANO – Italy



Responsive Global Team

The FCI team of seasoned professionals has served our worldwide flavor, fragrance, and pharmaceutical clients for more than 30 years.


We are located on the northwest of Paris, France, with a warehouse in the north of Paris close to the main European highway, Charles de Gaulle airport and north sea ports.


Our global team is well equipped to handle your fine ingredient need.

Philippe Faucher

General Manager
and Business Director

Regis Marion

Technical Manager

Pierre Mericq

Customer Service Manager

Dominique Hirstel

and Export Manager

Pierre Villette
Pierre Villette

Quality Director

Anne Saridaki

Sales Assistant