New Ingredients

Take advantage of rapid ingredient development and manufacturing.

When you need a custom ingredient to your specification or a chemical intermediate, FCI SAS will deliver with the help of its partners.


Our extensive knowledge in various chemistries and our knowhow in hundreds of synthesis of F+F ingredients allow our skilled scientific team to develop chemical routes for your compounds. From R&D laboratory to Kilo lab all steps are carried out in a cGMP environment.


Scaling the developed process to larger batch sizes creates unique challenges. Our partners have dual accountability with our process support chemists and engineers to ensure a successful scale up and production. We frequently work through multiple challenging issues like fractional distillation and isomers separation so important in the F+F technology.

Custom Packaging

Whatever your wish, FCI SAS can pack your ingredient: from 100 g in aluminium bottles to 200 litre steel drums. Special cases can be done on request.

Begin your custom ingredient now

  • Provide your CAS number to precisely define the target molecule
  • Share your desired specification
  • Provide your estimated annual demand

We’ll respond to you within 2 business days on technical feasibility,
and within 2 weeks with a proposal.